Companies attending in 2015


Participant testimonials

“This event gives a detailed overview about the market situation and through the conference structure you are able to cultivate existing contacts as well as creating new ones”Adler Solar
“The conference presents a unique opportunity to learn about Solar Asset Management and O&M, which is new to Japan and no other event could provide”Pacifico Energy
“A treasure house of knowledge of PV industry”Lapsys
“Professionally extremely well done”Mathyos
“A very valuable event that will help to shape the Large Scale Solar Plant Business in Japan”NexPV
“Networking everywhere, never experienced at any other conference.”Omron
“Focus on the second stage of Solar Business”
“The place where we can exchange new information about the PV industry”Renewable Japan
“A place of wisdom to increase the asset value of the solar power plant”
"A fantastic event to meet with the key participants and in the Japanese solar industry"Macquarie
“First time a conference in Japan focuses on solar asset management”Mitsui Chemicals