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We are happy to share with you a new overview focused on the Japanese market.

This time, we have looked at the largest solar plants, which are yet to become operational. Most of the assets in this list are already in construction phase, but still await completion. Compared to previous years, the Japanese market might be flattening in terms of new installed capacity, but this overview demonstrates that Japan continues to be exciting for megasolar, with just these 'Top 20 plants' already accounting for an impressive 1,8 GW of capacity to come online in the coming years.

Download the overview through the form below to see yourself. Below we've already listed some highlights and insights for you:
(The overview includes plant name, location, size, start of construction, (expected) end of construction, investing companies and EPC.)

> 12 out of the 20 largest plants in the pipeline will be located in the Tohoku and Kyusyu regions. Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures will both host 3 of the plants in this overview

> The 3 largest plants (480, 231 and 100 MW) are all supposed to be under construction already

> Some prolific companies are involved in several of the plants in this overview, including Orix (4), GE Energy Financial Services (3), Kyudenko (3) and Itochu (2).

> The plants in this overview range from 480 MW to 34 MW, a difference of 446 MW between the smallest and largest plant.

> 'Only' 20% of the plants in this overview is expected to be 100MW or larger, 60% of this overview will be 50MW or larger. These are still very big plants, considering the limitations in available land.

> 25% of these plants are expected to become operational or at least complete construction this year. 20% is expected to reach operation in 2017, 30% by 2018, the remaining 25% is either later than this or unknown.

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