30 May 2019
09:00 Welcome words by chairman

Session 1 - Opening session
09:15 A transforming O&M and asset management landscape in Japan
  • • Segmented cumulative installed capacity per region
  • • Overview and segmentation of service providers and asset owners
  • • Estimating the size of the O&M market and forecasted growth
09:45 Retroactive revision of the FIT scheme: impact of the amendments on developers, investors and lenders
  • • Dissecting the framework of the revision: Which projects are affected and what needs to be executed, and by when?
  • • Repercussions on project finance and effect on capital cost for future projects
  • • Reflection on foreign investment confidence
  • • A race against time for EPCs?
10:30 - 11:15 AM BREAK

Session 2A | Lifecycle quality assurance

11:15 Dissecting quality issues of underperforming projects, early detection and diagnosis
  • Presentation of case studies
11:45 Quality Roundtable
  • Presenters join on stage to discuss lessons learned and solutions

Session 2B | O&M strategies & labor

11:15 O&M evolving contracts
  • • How are requirements of asset owners for service providers evolving
  • • Reflecting on KPIs, guarantees and pricing of current O&M contracts
  • • Experiences with full service contracts vs basic contracts with additional services
12:00 The other side of the coin: considerations for vertical integration
  • • Internalizing O&M: benefits and hidden hurdles
  • • Effects of internalizing O&M in asset management processes
  • • One size doesn’t fit all: zooming into investment strategy variables
12:25 Solar gurus: labor market in Japan
  • • What are current skill gaps in the industry?
  • • How can training and certification programs mitigate current issues and provide standards
12:45 - 14:00 LUNCH BREAK

Session 3A | Performance Engineering & Soiling

14:00 Performance Engineering
  • • How can monitoring move from a passive to an active role?
  • • Optimizing plant maintenance schedule utilizing predictive data analytics
14:45 Fallen from heaven: soiling & snow
  • • Measuring soiling levels in Japan
  • • What cleaning solutions are most cost-effective in the Japanese context?
  • • Optimizing cleaning schedules based on weather data
  • • The ‘white soiling’: best practices in dealing with snow

Session 3B | Secondary Market

14:00 Japan’s secondary market: a GW market?
  • • Estimating the growth of the secondary market and its drivers
  • • Notable transactions: Who are the big buyers?
  • • Asset valuation: market disparities between selling and buying parties
14:45 Smart bidding and upside potential of acquiring operating assets
  • • Considering contract details: economic life under the FIT, connection agreement and O&M contract
  • • Impact of the O&M contracts on the value of the plant or portfolio
  • • Assessing the upside of retrofitting underperforming PV plants: what is possible in Japan?
15:30 - 16:15 PM BREAK
Session 4
16:15 How digital solutions and technologies are enabling improved financial and operational performance in a squeezing FIT market
  • • New asset management solution architectures for rapid, cost effective, and scalable technology deployment
  • • How advanced analytics are unlocking substantial value both in power generation and in O&M
  • • Challenges in transitioning and in fully leveraging new digital solutions and technologies in solar asset management
30 May 2019