30 May 2019
09:00 Welcome words by chairman

Session 1 - Opening session
09:15 The O&M and asset management landscape in Japan
  • • Segmented cumulative installed capacity per region
  • • Overview and segmentation of service providers and asset owners
  • • Estimating the size of the O&M market
09:45 Retroactive revision of the FIT scheme: impact of the amendments on developers, investors and lenders
  • • Dissecting the framework of the revision: Which projects are affected and what needs to be executed, and by when?
  • • Repercussions on project finance and effect on capital cost for future projects
  • • Impact on foreign investment
  • • A race against time for EPCs?
10:30 - 11:15 AM BREAK

Session 2A | Lifecycle quality assurance

11:15 Dissecting quality issues of underperforming projects, early detection and diagnosis
  • Presentation of two case studies
11:45 Quality Roundtable
  • Presenters join on stage to discuss lessons learned, solutions and technological innovations

Session 2B | Optimizing PV Operations

11:15 O&M evolving contracts
  • • How are requirements of asset owners for service providers evolving
  • • Reflecting on KPI and guarantees in current O&M contracts
  • • Experiences with full service contracts vs basic contracts with additional services
12:00 Ongoing transformations of Asset Management
  • • Approaches to make workflows smarter and more efficient
  • • Challenges associated with transitioning towards digital tools
  • • Where do opportunities for OPEX reduction lie?
12:45 - 14:00 LUNCH BREAK

Session 3A | Performance Engineering & Soiling

14:00 Performance Engineering
  • • How can monitoring move from a passive to an active role?
  • • Optimizing plant maintenance schedule utilizing predictive data analytics
  • • The challenge to determine ROI of investing in software tools
14:45 Fallen from heaven: soiling & snow
  • • Measuring soiling levels in Japan
  • • What cleaning solutions are most cost-effective in the Japanese context?
  • • Optimizing cleaning schedules based on weather data
  • • The ‘white soiling’: best practices in dealing with snow

Session 3B | Secondary Market

14:00 Japan’s secondary market: a GW market?
  • • Estimating the growth of the secondary market and its drivers
  • • Notable transactions: Who are the big buyers?
  • • Asset valuation: market disparities between selling and buying parties
14:45 Smart bidding and upside potential of acquiring operating assets
  • • Considering contract details: economic life under the FIT, connection agreement and O&M contract
  • • Impact of the O&M contracts on the value of the plant or portfolio
  • • Assessing the upside of retrofitting underperforming PV plants: what is possible in Japan?
15:30 - 16:15 PM BREAK
Session 4
16:15 Q&A session: How have asset owners consolidated their position in the Japanese market?
  • 2018 was a growth year for most asset owners in Japan, reinforcing the ownership landscape consolidation trend observed in the past years. Where are opportunities for growth and diversification? What are the main challenges of keeping up with consistent growth?
30 May 2019