31 May 2019
09:00 Welcome words by chairman

Session 5
09:15 Curtailment in Japan: a growing reality?
  • • How have lenders and investors forecasted curtailment risk?
  • • Assessing the impact of curtailment in the Kyushu region
  • • Interconnection between regional utilities as a mitigator
10:00 - 10:45 AM BREAK

Session 6A | Beyond conventional solar

10:45 Solar and Storage: assessing the business model
  • • Drivers in the international sphere for storage deployment and support policies
  • • Peak shaving under the FIT
  • • Reflecting on first operational experiences in the PV+storage landscape in Japan
11:30 The rise of floating solar
  • • Current deployment of photovoltaics and future outlook
  • • The case for floating in Japan: do risks outweigh returns?
  • • Demystifying output, efficiency and degradation of floating systems

Session 6B | Risk management and Refinancing

10:45 Key elements to de-risking PV assets
  • • Risk management: what it entails and why it matters to investors, sponsors and asset managers
  • • Which insurance coverages are increasingly finding diffusion in the Japanese market?
  • • To what extent can irradiation be perceived as risk? Assessing the impact of climate change on performance and insurances
11:30 Refinance strategies
  • • Different options and experiences with refinancing of PV assets
  • • Assessing alternatives for bank debt: bonds, yieldcos and more
12:15 - 13:30 LUNCH BREAK
Session 7
13:30 Innovation Lab: the future now
  • Cutting-edge presentations focused on new technologies, innovative services, and future business. How will these developments support the growth of the solar industry and its competitiveness?
14:30 - 15:15 PM BREAK
Session 8
15:15 The land of the rising sun
  • • Latent opportunities for solar: dissecting corporate PPAs, non-fossil certificates, self-consumption
  • • Key ingredients for a PV-dominated energy landscape in Japan
  • • Unlocking the full potential of solar: the role of Asset Management going forward
31 May 2019