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DIAMOND SPONSOR /// Next Energy & Resources Co. Ltd.

Next Energy & Resources Co., Ltd.is a company of solar business in Japan that provides not only product development but also construction and O&M. Next Energy provides ”PVSAFETY” as next generation service using our knowhow about management of PV plants based on our 100MW construction track records. Our services are highly appreciated by a lot of customers to provide one-stop service that covers not only monitoring service but also maintenance and plant safety control in order to maximize performance of PV plant. We are developing functions of reporting or many stakeholders,in order to meet the needs of secondary market business gradually growing up. We are making efforts to become a pioneer on that business. Next Energy provides many services as a partner company that supports customer's property for a long term.

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For over a decade, Draker has been providing monitoring, management and control solutions for commercial and utility solar energy systems. Draker’s range of products and services allows PV developers, owners and operators to maximize the efficiency and profitability of their solar assets. Draker’s turnkey commercial and end-to-end utility solutions combine proven field instrumentation with an intuitive Web-based data management application and unmatched support services. Draker’s highly accurate and reliable portfolio and project-centric data analytics reflect both AC and DC monitoring for the most effective solar asset management. 

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Vector Cuatro is the only company with experience in and dedicated to the complete value chain of solar PV projects: from advisory and structuring or engineering to management and administration of green power facilities; which constitutes a significant competitive advantage valued by the market.
Vector Cuatro´s work is oriented to excellence. The firm´s ultimate aim is to obtain the satisfaction and acknowledgement by its clients, with whom it pursues maximum involvement and commitment.
The multiskilled professional services with extensive knowledge of technical issues, accounting, mercantile, finance and taxes, allows the firm to achieve the maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
This perfect combination makes possible to establish a long-term relationship based on trust and common goals, and powered by success in the activities carried out.

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Solarig is a multinational integrated operator specialized in the generation of electricity using the sun as the source. Since it was founded in 2005, it has developed and operates numerous projects based on photovoltaic technologies, with presence in Italy, Spain, France, Japan, Malta, China, Greece, India or South Africa with more than 201 MW currently under our O&M services.
In 2012 was founded Solarig Japan. In 2013 we had developed  successfully 26 MW in different areas of Japan. Moreover In 2014 we have developed  other 15 MW  mainly in Hokuriku , Tohoku, Chugoku and Kyushu. From 2014 we have established SOLAST to offer our O&M services as well in Japan, and we have already operated 4.4MW, 50MW under negotiation and expected to operate more than 150MW in the coming 2 years. Premium O&M services as performance ration and availability are offered, still few companies with real experience on those premium services already. We offer all O&M services related.

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UKC Holdings is the leading company in providing semiconductor/electronic components in Japan and globally and it has started the commitment in renewable energy industry by supplying inverters and PV modules to customers. Since 2015,  Dust Detection System (DDS), the soiling loss monitoring solution for Solar Farm O&M, has been included for further engagement.  DDS offers the real-time monitoring of dust impact on PV module power loss and in further indicates the optimized cleaning timing for additional revenue boost .  Our customers can access and manage all the data through DDS web service 24/7 anywhere. The plug-and-play hardware with  one-stop web service offers best solution to manage solar assets from regionally to globally.

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GeoModel Solar is an independent international consultancy and technological company specialising in solar resource assessment and photovoltaic energy simulation. Our in-house developed technology platform, SolarGIS, is recognised as the most reliable and accurate source of solar resource information and helps reduce risks in solar energy investments globally. The data are calculated using in-house developed algorithms that process satellite imagery and atmospheric and geographical inputs. The SolarGIS database features a unique set of qualities that have triggered new industry standards in terms of accuracy.

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Omron Field Engineering Co., Ltd. works on a large number of highly public social systems, offering one-stop solutions from proposals to design and construction as well as operations and maintenance in a variety of fields including railroad, transport, FA and IT. In the energy field, bringing together energy creation, storage, and saving, we offer optimal one-stop solutions; we contribute to maximization of energy use efficiency. In our solar power generation business, we offer sales and maintenance of power conditioners, design and construction of power generating facilities, and Solamoni O&M Services oriented to high voltage. We help maximize electrical power sales revenue through “three security” aspects: “(1) watching over” the status of power generation through automatic monitoring by remote monitoring system with abnormality analysis by professional engineers, and when an error occurs professional engineers “(2) rush” rapidly from the nearest of 140 bases located all over the country, and professional engineers with design and construction expertise conduct “(3) inspections.” O&M service professionals undertake time-consuming maintenance and management on behalf of the customer. With a track record of introduction already in excess of 1400 power plants, we are receiving the support of many customers.

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Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (MCI) is providing diagnostics and consulting services for photovoltaic power generation. Domestic banks, clean energy promoters, and research facilities are utilizing our services. MCI offers the following services to a life cycle of PV power plant. (1) for planning phase : diagnostics service of plant planning, (2) for construction phase : diagnostics service of solar panel quality and PV power plant, (3) for operation phase : diagnostics service of power generation data, (4) for buying and selling the plant : technical due diligence of PV power plant. MCI’s subsidiary has supplied encapsulate sheets for solar panels worldwide for more than 25 years. So MCI knows what happened to the long term aged solar panels. By utilizing the knowledge obtained from the long term aged solar panels, MCI estimates degradation rate and evaluates the possibility of failure of solar panels through our testing and analysis. MCI has “Tahara Solar / Wind Electricity Generation Plant” (PV: 50MWp), “Mobara demonstration PV power plant” (335kWp), and “Sodegaura Center PV testing site” and has known difficulties of developing PV power plant and O&M. By utilizing the knowledge obtained from these PV facilities, including technical due diligence MCI is offering the diagnostics services for PV power plant.

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