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Alectris Co.,Ltd. is Joint Venture company formed by Alectris Ltd. and NextEnergy & Resources Co.,Ltd. founded in December 2015.
Alectris delivers asset care innovation for the global solar industry.
With our integrated suite of products, services and award-winning software, we empower solar operators to increase plant productivity by providing one source for operations, maintenance and management support. By combining the best in class solar asset care services, software and expertise of Alectris with the proven local market expertise of Next Energy & Resources Co, the joint venture is positioned to immediately serve solar PV plant owners and operators in the region including global portfolio owners with assets in Japan. - www.alectris.com


First Solar is a leading global provider of comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solutions. With over 10 GW installed worldwide, First Solar has developed, financed, engineered, constructed, and operated some of the world’s largest and most successful PV power plants in existence. When it comes to power plant profitability, First Solar Energy Services offers proven operations and maintenance (O&M) solutions for optimized power plant performance. Focused on Utility Scale O&M and backed by over 5GW of turnkey O&M experience and 11GW of plants under real-time monitoring, First Solar Energy Service’s comprehensive suite of O&M services maximize energy output, reduce maintenance cost, and provide predictable expenses over the life of the contract. - www.firstsolar.com



Solarig is a multinational integrated operator specialized in the generation of electricity using the sun as the source. Since it was founded in 2005, it has developed and operates numerous projects based on photovoltaic technologies, with presence in Italy, Spain, France, Japan, Malta, the UK, India, Chile and Philippine. With more than 360 MW currently under our O&M services. 
In 2012 was founded Solarig Japan. In 2013 we had developed successfully 26 MW in different areas of Japan, continuing with further 16 MW Hokuriku , Tohoku, Chugoku and Kyushu during 2014. From 2014 we have established our O&M services as well in Japan, and we have already operated 101MW and other 300 MW under negotiation. We are the O&M leader in Japan O&M contractor for third parties assets. Premium O&M services as performance ratio and availability are offered, and we implemented our Regional Operational Center in Tokyo since last November in our Tokyo Offices in order to monitor all the Megasolar projects, and follow up alarms. - www.solarig.com


ADLER Solar Works, a joint venture company between the Japan based Yokohama Kankyo Design Co., LTD (YKD), a PV general contractor (EPC) – and the German based ADLER Solar Services GmbH, one of the most renowned service providers in the PV sector.
Our customers benefit from the long-term experience of ADLER Solar Services and their profound market and industry experience in Germany and Europe, combined with the Japan-wide partner and business network of YKD. As a competent full-service provider ADLER Solar Works offers, with highly educated and specialized personnel, Engineering and Consultancy services for Quality Assurance as well as Premium O&M services. The customized and comprehensive service portfolio we offer, support our business partners during the entire life cycle of their systems, and optimize their PV plant performance. - www.adlersolarworks.co.jp


Vector Cuatro is the only company with experience in and dedicated to the complete value chain of renewable energy projects: from advisory and structuring or engineering to management and administration of green power facilities; which constitutes a significant competitive advantage valued by the market.
At the moment Vector Cuatro, headquartered in Madrid, has carried out more than 550 projects in 22 countries worldwide and is internationally ranked as one of the most important companies in the renewable energy industry. It has over 1 GW under management and counts on a track record of 15 GW throughout the entire value chain of the projects. - www.vectorcuatrogroup.com


Inaccess provides monitoring and control solutions for the renewable energy and telecom infrastructure management. The company designs and develops state-of-the-art products and solutions, which provide their partners with invaluable access to information, enabling them to maximize effectiveness of their investments through performance optimization and OPEX reduction. Inaccess currently monitors more than 1600 utility-scale PV plants worldwide exceeding 3 GW of installed capacity. With headquarters in London, UK and presence in Europe, North America and Asia, Inaccess aims at becoming the leading global vendor of converged infrastructure monitoring platforms, by constantly being at the forefront of industry evolution. - www.inaccess.com


Ryoshin maintenance Service Corporation is a leading maintenance service company that spun off from Ryoshin Denki Corporation. Ryoshin is a pioneer in the PV maintenance industry and started its O&M business faster than anyone else.
Through cooperation with other research organizations and manufactures, we are working on guidlines for O&M.
Ryoshin has a technical center where it conducts research on maintenance. We never compromise to develop and improve our O&M tecnology and we implement that in our management plan. Ryoshin also makes a big contribution to the Photovolcatuc Inspection Association (PIA).www.ryoshin-mente.com


Huawei, a leading global information and communication technology solutions provider, is committed to creating maximum value for customers, with products and solutions deployed in over 170 countries, serving more than one third of the world’s population. Combining digital information technology, Internet technology and PV generation technology, Huawei provides innovative FusionSolar Smart PV solution and inverters with a wide application in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, etc.
FusionSolar Smart PV solution is to take the whole PV plant as a total product and make improvement throughout the whole process, from the PV plant construction to maintenance. It can optimize initial investment, reduce maintenance costs, increase power generation and finally increase IRR.
Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV solution, featured as “Higher yields, Smart O&M, Safe and Reliable” will finally maximize value for PV plant owners or maintenance customers. - www.huawei.com


Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (MCI) is providing diagnostics and consulting services for photovoltaic power generation. Domestic banks, clean energy promoters, and research facilities are utilizing our services. MCI offers the following services to a life cycle of PV power plant. (1) for planning phase : diagnostics service of plant planning, (2) for construction phase : diagnostics service of solar panel quality and PV power plant, (3) for operation phase : diagnostics service of power generation data, (4) for buying and selling the plant : technical due diligence of PV power plant. MCI’s subsidiary has supplied encapsulate sheets for solar panels worldwide for more than 25 years. So MCI knows what happened to the long term aged solar panels. By utilizing the knowledge obtained from the long term aged solar panels, MCI estimates degradation rate and evaluates the possibility of failure of solar panels through our testing and analysis. MCI has “Tahara Solar / Wind Electricity Generation Plant” (PV: 50MWp), “Mobara demonstration PV power plant” (335kWp), and “Sodegaura Center PV testing site” and has known difficulties of developing PV power plant and O&M. By utilizing the knowledge obtained from these PV facilities, including technical due diligence MCI is offering the diagnostics services for PV power plant. - www.mitsuichem.com


Harness the power of the sun with QOS’s solar monitoring software. 
QOS Energy is a software vendor specialised in energy information systems. QOS Energy develops Qantum®, a solar monitoring software and O&M management platform. 
Qantum® help solar professionals maximise the performance of more than 1.5 GW of renewable power worldwide.  Qantum® is an open and flexible solar monitoring platform which comes as standard with a wide range of features to monitor large portfolios, analyse plants’ performance and streamline O&M workflows.  Qantum® is compatible with all hardware manufacturers (data loggers,  inverters,  SCADA). 
Deliver extra returns with Qantum® solar monitoring solution. - www.qosenergy.com



Founded in 1962 and headquartered in Allschwil, Switzerland; Multi-Contact is a global leading manufacturer of electrical connectors and contact systems, providing innovative solutions for demanding applications and is present with subsidiaries in 21 countries. In PV industry our products range from connectors, cables, and junction boxes. Multi-Contact is one of the pioneers developing the first professional photovoltaic connector on an industrial scale. For almost 20 years the originals MC3 and MC4 have been the most successful connectors, showing best performance and reliability. Worldwide 240GW PV capacity has been connected by end of 2015 - more than 110GW successfully with our connectors. Multi-Contact’s success is based on long-term experience and differentiates itself from competitors through high quality connectors, internal testing, and the rigorous quality controls performed. Due to this our products are suitable for the harshest of conditions; in coastal climates (salt mist) and on animal farms (ammonia resistance), in cold high alpine areas as well as in consistently hot regions. Our durable and maximum efficient products together with Multi-Contact’s reliable and bankable background make us the trusted partner of choice. - www.multi-contact.com


Kipp & Zonen is the market leader in solar radiation measurement. We have been manufacturing pyranometers since 1924 and are available at Solar Asset Management to provide you with expert advice on solar monitoring solutions. 
Accurately measuring solar irradiance is the key to finding optimal locations, helping investment decisions, maximising operating efficiency, scheduling maintenance, monitoring performance and improving technology. As the experts, we develop high quality instruments such as the well-known passive CMP and Smart SMP series pyranometers, the CHP 1 and SHP1 pyrheliometer and the SOLYS sun tracker range.
Solar monitoring starts with accurately measuring solar irradiance with Kipp & Zonen sensors. - www.kippzonen.com


IBC SOLAR is one of the world’s leading photovoltaic specialists. Since 1982 the company has implemented more than 2.7 gigawatts PV capacity. In the field of large-scale PV power plants IBC SOLAR acts as a full service provider with services across the whole value chain, including project development, financing, engineering, procurement & construction (EPC), sales and technical operation and maintenance. Currently, IBC SOLAR has developed a project pipeline of around 100 MWp worldwide. In terms of its O&M services, IBC SOLAR operates more than 200 MWp of PV power plants for leading financial institutions. -


We focus on administering in-country renewable energy projects, often on behalf of international investors.  We deliver quality management and accurate reporting while adhering to industry best practices in financial compliance standards and international technical standards. Please contact us for a corporate profile and further details. Team: http://www.remjapan.com/team/ - www.remjapan.com

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