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CO2O is an O&M provider that meets the needs of asset owners. The company has a strong partnership with the world's largest solar module maker and has been providing "after-sales support" for them since 2011 in Japan.
CO2O's due diligence track record comprises 1 GW of capacity in Japan, serviced by solving many problems and risks related to PV power plants along the way.
Taking advantage of the knowledge acquired through these experiences, CO2O can maximize the revenue of assets through their technical approach, and raise the value of property by not only basic operations and maintenance services, but also through high value added services such as optimization and consulting activities.
In addition, the company offers a turnkey solution for asset owners, including matters such as system design and EPC work. Moreover, CO2O supplies modules and integrated PCS with high reliability, and applies internal & manufacturer quality inspections on all supplied materials.
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PowerHub is a cloud-based asset management solution that marries rigorous design with flexibility and customization. It’s designed by and for renewable energy professionals to meet their needs, region by region, whatever the energy source. By intelligently centralizing and digitizing project information and connecting to all systems PowerHub unlocks efficiencies, capabilities, and insights that have the potential to save businesses money, while decreasing risk.
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SMA America is the U.S.-based subsidiary of global PV leader SMA Solar Technology AG. SMA is a power conversion, energy management and service support provider for residential through utility-scale photovoltaic systems. SMA’s leading range of solar inverters and related technologies spans all power classes and is compatible with all module types, resulting in the largest solutions portfolio in the industry.
SMA is the top-ranked service provider by third-party analysis. SMA’s Solar Asset Management portfolio of services provides developers, EPCs, utilities, and investors with the PV industry’s best financial backstop and long-term plan to maximize system performance. Since launching its plant-wide O&M service in 2013, SMA has been trusted with more than 1GW of commercial and utility contracts.
SMA Website
meteoconrol is the leading world No.1* monitoring solutions provider for commercial and utility PV systems with the extensive knowledge through thirty years of the actual achievement.
More than 43,000 solar systems with a total power of over 12,998MW are currently monitored worldwide.
From Planning phase as Technical Due diligence to Operation phase, monitoring and O&M, meteocontrol offers state of the art technological solutions and accompanies solar projects during the entire lifecycle of a project.
meteocontrol is a contact partner for developers, EPC’s, utilities, and investors to maximize system performance in long-term to keep its asset value.

*GPM Research: Global PV Monitoring 2017 Vendor Rankings. No.1 as ISV.
meteocontrol Website
Mott MacDonald is a global engineering, management and development consultancy focused on guiding our clients through many of the planet’s most intricate challenges.
We are well known to power plant lenders, investors, and developers. We have a reputation for quality, experience, insightful technical ability, and global reach through the extensive technical advisory work that we have successfully delivered.
We have worked on a multitude of international solar PV projects dating back over 10 years. This includes technical consultancy services for commercial lenders, investors, and owners of over 12 GW in Asia Pacific and 23 GW internationally.
In Japan specifically, we have worked with many leading power sector companies, including for thermal power, wind power and solar power. We have supported more than 180 solar PV plants with individual capacity of up to 257MWp in Japan, and combined capacity of 4,500 MWp, from weather station management and industry-leading yield analysis, to 3D layout optimisation and site-based construction supervision.
Mott MacDonald Website
Ampt serves the global solar market to provide system level optimization of large-scale PV systems. Ampt delivers innovative products that are used to:
  • Lower the cost and improve performance of new PV systems;
  • Repower existing systems to produce more energy;
  • Enable low-cost DC-coupled storage systems, and;
  • Provide string-level data for improved O&M.
Ampt DC power optimizers improve performance and lower costs by:
  • Performing MPPT – Ampt performs MPPT on every 3 to 6kW of PV which is 50 to 300 times more granular than typical central inverters without Ampt. The higher the MPPT granularity, the more energy produced.
  • Decreasing wiring costs – Ampt doubles the string lengths to reduce the number of combiners and homeruns by 50%.
  • Reducing inverter costs – Ampt Optimizers allow inverters to operate in Ampt Mode® which increases the inverters rated output power by 40-70% to reduce the inverter cost per watt.
Ampt’s award winning power optimization technology and communications capabilities improve the way PV systems are designed and operated. Headquartered in Colorado, the company has sales and support in North America, Europe, Japan, and South Korea as well as representation in Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.
AMPT Website
Huawei, a leading global information and communication technology solutions provider, is committed to creating maximum value for customers, with products and solutions deployed in over 170 countries, serving more than one third of the world’s population. Combining digital information technology, Internet technology and PV generation technology, Huawei provides innovative FusionSolar Smart PV solution and inverters with a wide application in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, etc. FusionSolar Smart PV solution is to take the whole PV plant as a total product and make improvement throughout the whole process, from the PV plant construction to maintenance. It can optimize initial investment, reduce maintenance costs, increase power generation and finally increase IRR. Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV solution, featured as “Higher yields, Smart O&M, Safe and Reliable” will finally maximize value for PV plant owners or maintenance customers.
Huawei Website
Adler Solar Works Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture company between the Japan based Yokohama Kankyo Design Co., Ltd. (YKD) and the German based O&M Service Provider. Adler Solar Works Co., Ltd inherited the knowhow and long-term experience in German PV Market as well as O&M industry practice in Europe, combined with the Japan nationwide business network of YKD. Our customer portfolio includes plant developers, investors, financial institutions, insurance companies as well as manufacturers. We provide not only O&M services coupled with high engineering quality - our core competence - but also technical due diligence (TDD) and consultancy services, which assure the effectiveness of investment. We are also developing and gaining experiences in repowering services for assessment and restructuring of existing power plants in Japan. With comprehensive service portfolio, the PV experts of ADLER Solar Works support business partners throughout the entire lifecycle of their systems from the planning phase until operation end, and optimize their PV plant performance maximizing investment effectiveness.
Adler Solar Works Website
A short description will follow soon...
Trina Solar Website
Solarig has successfully accomplished a year of unprecedented construction and O&M services within Japan, reaching 159MWp operated across the Japanese territory.
Solarig is proud to have since Q3 2016 the licensed construction company and has successfully completed two projects totaling 2,3MWp by its own means. Solarig has starting other 13,5MWp, secured other 20MWp and targeting 50MWp by the end of the year by providing high quality standards with a cost-competitive approach.
Solarig holds as well one of the most advanced Renewable Operation Centers (ROCs) in Tokyo with Japanese, English and Spanish speaking capabilities that runs the operation of over 159MW. The Japanese portfolio represents the 13,5% of the total operated assets 1.2GW and it is intended to grow substantially in the following years. The Operation center runs over five different monitoring platforms and unifies the maintenance activities in the most globally deployed CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) platform by IBM Maximo, those outstanding capabilities and IT platform are just a tool that supports our customer-oriented strategy to prioritize customer satisfaction and long-term relations, both of which lead to a sustainable business.
SOLARIG is a global solar photovoltaic integrator with over 12 years of experience and more than 1,2GW utility scale and commercial PV sites in operation. SOLARIG is an active player in development, engineering, construction and asset operation and maintenance spread out over more than 3 continents with solid infrastructure in key markets (Japan, UK, France, India, Chile, México, Spain and Italy). We tailor our services to turn our clients and partners ideas into action through Flexibility, Transparency & Competitiveness.
Solarig Website
Sitemark’s platform redefines how enterprises deploy drones, gather, analyze and manage aerial data across single or multiple sites. Sitemark's platform is used by EPCs, O&Ms, Investors and Energy Producers in 18+ countries.
Sitemark Website
In an O&M landscape that is complex, expensive and with some patchy services, Mysolar has begun operations as a new type data-decision orientated O&M. We are mainly focused in central and Northern Japan in 2018.
Mysolar and group of companies have over 20-years of professional solar experience in 7 countries in development, design, construction, due-diligence and operations and over a 30-year track record of successful project implementation in IT and real estate mainly in Japan. In due-diligence alone we serve over 200 customers in the solar industry in Japan only.
Mysolar is overseeing the operation of up to 20MW in 2018 and scaling this beyond above 100MW 2019 for our current customers.
Mysolar combines the deep due-diligence experience of detailed solar forecasting and over 15 research publications in this area, focused mainly on Japan solar irradiance datasets and snow analysis methodologies. In addition, Mysolar is uniquely positioned to capitalize on over 5 years of R&D into new methods of verifying and utilizing distributed databases, full-nodes and IoT in order to capitalize on data-orientated decision making for quick response. Introducing Solar-Mesh which has been developed and will be deployed in 2018 over various sites that Mysolar is monitoring throughout Japan.
Mysolar and group of companies are best-in class in relation to solar yield calculations combining the experience of Sunpulse for yield analysis and UAV Infra-red drone operations. We can deploy an infrared drone hotspot analysis to anywhere in Japan within 24-hours.
We tailor our services to turn our clients and partners ideas into action through Flexibility, Transparency & Competitiveness.
MySolar Website
3megawatt's BluePoint is the first and most complete platform of enterprise-class software designed to automate and control the entire renewable asset management lifecycle.
BluePoint is a modern cloud-based software that offers a complete set of tools for renewable energy asset management from one central place. The BluePoint platform reduces operational risk and helps asset managers grow with an increasingly complex portfolio. Trusted by IPPs, investors, utility, and service providers around world. BluePoint helps manage over 23GW of operational assets in 33 countries distributed over more than 3,200 projects. BluePoint is quickly becoming the industry standard for professional asset managers around the world.
3Megawatt Website
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125 years of experience - Stäubli Electrical Connectors (formerly Multi-Contact) is part of the Stäubli Group, a technology leader and pioneer in the fields of electrical and fluid connectors, robotics and textile machinery since its foundation in 1892. Together with the company formerly known as Multi-Contact, which was founded in 1962, we have nearly 55 years of practical experience producing reliable electrical connectors for photovoltaics and other industries.
Original MC4 sets the standard - The first industrial photovoltaic connector (MC3) was introduced by Multi-Contact (Stäubli) in 1996 followed by the original MC4 in 2004 setting the industry standard ever since. The exclusive MULTILAM advanced contact technology raised the bar in terms of consistent quality and outstanding reliability.
140 GW PV capacity - Entering 2017, we have more than 140 GW of installed photovoltaic capacity, amounting to 50 % of the global cumulative PV capacity, that had been successfully connected using our Stäubli photovoltaic connectors. This figure demonstrates the reliability and highest quality of our products. They guarantee proper operation over their whole lifetime (>25 years) and have a positive impact on the bankability of photovoltaic projects.
Stäubli Website
Canadian Solar exists to make the difference. To customers, colleagues, partners, investors and all whose lives we touch. We are also here to make a positive difference to the environment and society as a whole. We do this by providing exceptional solar products and services that meet the specific needs of customers, employees, partners and investors.
Canadian Solar Operations and Maintenance services are designed to maximize the lifetime value of your solar power plant assets. Leveraging our 17 years of solar industry experience and 700+ MW under operation and 1.2 GW contracted worldwide, Canadian Solar pro-actively monitors and manages your plants minimizing downtime and increasing site availability, resulting in maximum energy production, revenues and profitability. Customized service packages offer the right fit for any solar power plant owner.
Canadian Solar Website
Vector Cuatro Group, a company of Falck Renewables S.p.A. and world’s leading advisors in renewable energy, is a global leader in asset management, technical advisory, transactions and legal services in green power, which constitutes a significant competitive advantage valued by the market. Vector Cuatro has carried out more than 1000 projects worldwide and is internationally ranked as one of the most important companies in the renewable energy industry. It has over 1.8 GW under management and counts with a track record of 30 GW throughout the entire value chain of the projects.

Vector Cuatro entered the renewable energy markets in Japan first in 2012. Since then, the Nippon delegation has grown up positioning itself as a key reference in the local renewable industry with an international client portfolio. Currently, Vector Cuatro provides asset management services in Japan for more than 144 MW and has provided support in transactions, feasibility studies, technical due diligences and consulting services in the country that total more than 4 GW.
Vector Cuatro Website
First Solar is a leading global provider of comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solutions. With over 17GW installed worldwide, First Solar has developed, financed, engineered, constructed, and operated some of the world’s largest and most successful PV power plants in existence. When it comes to power plant profitability, First Solar Energy Services offers proven operations and maintenance (O&M) solutions for optimized power plant performance. Focused on Utility Scale O&M and backed by over 5GW of turnkey O&M experience and 11GW of plants under real-time monitoring, First Solar Energy Service’s comprehensive suite of O&M services maximize energy output, reduce maintenance cost, and provide predictable expenses over the life of the contract.
First Solar Website
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GreenPowerMonitor (GPM), now part of DNV GL, is an international company that offers products and services in the renewable energy sector. With more than 10 years' experience, GPM has consolidated its position as the independent leader in management, monitoring and control of renewable energy installations with almost 18GW globally managed (solar and wind) and more than 3,000 facilities across the globe.
GPM has a great depth of experience with renewable energy plants ranging from 2 kW to 350MW capacity across the globe. The company offers a market-leading integrated solution set for the management and maintenance of renewable energy installations that includes Hardware, Software and Services unmatched in the industry.
GreenPowerMonitor Website
Crowdcredit was founded in 2013 aiming at connecting borrowers in needs of capitals in countries with premature financial infrastructure and investors in needs of asset management opportunities in countries with saturated financial market, namely Japan.
Currently, the company is exploring solar energy sector and is developing partnership with those parties; such as, off/on-grid manufacturers, installers, financiers, project developers, etc. who have regular financing needs for business expansion. Moreover, it is possible for Crowdcredit to suffice their needs by serial loans that are funded every two weeks by Japanese retail investors in its proprietary crowd funding platform.
As of today, Crowdcredit has raised loan funds of US$ 45mm+ from 8,000+ registered investors at the recent rate of US$ 4mm per month with increasing trend. Also, the company has provided loans to SMEs, non-bank lenders and individuals mainly in emerging or newly developed countries; such as, Peru, Estonia, Georgia, Cameroon, etc.
Crowdcredit Website
KPMG in Japan was established in 1954 and has been dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality tax advisory service for over half of a century. KPMG’s Transaction Advisory Group (TAG) specializes in the provision of cutting edge tax advisory services across the entire gamut of transactions involving Japan, including renewables and infrastructure, real estate, M&A, leasing and securitization for both foreign and domestic clients. KPMG TAG was one of the first entrants into the photovoltaic market following introduction of the FIT regime in 2012, and in this time we have developed a level of experience and perspective of the market and its ongoing evolution that we believe to be unmatched by other service providers. In addition to our market leading tax structuring capabilities, we have dedicated in-house teams that specialize in the provision of post-transaction bookkeeping, entity administration and tax compliance for entities involved in these transactions, allowing for a seamless and comprehensive service package that ensures accurate implementation and delivers value to our clients well after the investment has been made.
KPMG Website
TÜV Rheinland is a global leader in independent inspection services, founded more than 140 years ago. The group maintains a worldwide presence with 19,600 employees; annual turnover is nearly EUR 1.9 billion. The independent experts stand for quality and safety for people, technology and the environment in nearly all aspects of life. TÜV Rheinland inspects technical equipment, products and services, oversees projects and helps to shape processes for companies. Its experts train people in a wide range of careers and industries. To this end, TÜV Rheinland employs a global network of approved labs, testing and education centres. Since 2006, TÜV Rheinland has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact to promote sustainability and combat corruption. TÜV Rheinland has been promoting the development of Photovoltaics for 30 years. Today, we are one of the world’s market leaders in PV power plant assessment, testing of components, modules and inverters. You can benefit from our global laboratory network, in which we use the latest methods and procedures. We are at your side during all phases of Photovoltaic projects.
TÜV Rheinland Website
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Inaccess provides innovative centralized management solutions for Renewable Energy and Telecom infrastructures with global presence (in Americas, Europe and Asia), mostly offered on a turn-key basis. With its recent strategic partnership with Draker in the US and a cumulative portfolio of more than 6.5GWp across 4,000+ sites, our technical solutions have established a significant track record.
Our objective is to provide high quality solutions to our clients (Utilities, EPCs, O&Ms, Developers and Funds) for better and effective management of their renewable assets.

In 2014 & 2015, Inaccess with Draker have been acknowledged as: #3 independent monitoring provider for the utility-scale PV segment globally (in MW)

As of end of 2016:
6.5GW worldwide of which 2.5GW are located in the US

Our mission is to help our customers build and operate effectively their valuable renewable assets throughout a mix of state-of-the-art systems, intelligent software and value added services.
Inaccess Website
Argo Group International Holdings Ltd. (NYSE:ARGO) underwrites specialty insurance and reinsurance products in the property, casualty and managed risk solutions market worldwide. Argo Group underwrites through a group of companies and subsidiaries including two Lloyd’s of London Syndicates (Ariel Re 1910 and ArgoGlobal 1200) and it has offices worldwide including London, USA, Bermuda, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The syndicates benefit from the following Lloyd’s ratings “A” from A.M. Best. “A+” from Standard & Poor’s and “AA-“ from Fitch Ratings. Argo Group has a dedicated team of underwriters and risk management professionals who support the product development and global distribution of Clean Energy technology performance risk solutions that deliver value to renewable energy markets, including solar, bioenergy (waste-to-energy), energy storage and fuel cells.
Argo Global Website