Complimentary White Papers

The Real Value Of Intelligent Solar Asset Management

There is a right and a wrong way to grow your solar business, and to leverage the opportunities solar and other renewable energy technologies offer.

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Top Tips For Dealing With Snow On Solar Panels

This white paper investigates and addresses the top tips you need to know when dealing with snow on solar panels to ensure maximum plant availability in a climate, where every kWh makes a difference in return on investment.

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Current & Future Artificial Intelligence Applications

AI will certainly have an immense impact on the solar business. Therefore, embracing AI powered solar technologies is not only a prudent decision but a necessary one to be able to cope with the possible disruptions of business models in the industry.

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Soiling: origins, measurements, analysis & solutions

Although soiling cannot be prevented, its negative effects can be mitigated by dint of deploying dust-repellent agents and instruments. This complimentary white paper provides an overview of the current knowledge and practices around soiling. 

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Whitepaper /// Insights into Japan’s FIT Regulation

This whitepaper reflects on the current market constraints that currently hold back solar deployment from realizing its full potential and government efforts to tackle these issues. We look into the solar regulation reforms that will be put in place from 1st April 2017, notably the updates on FIT and the establishment of a new bidding system. For the first time, a detailed overview of the 2017 regulatory framework for solar is published in English.

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